Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year's Goals 2011

A lot of my friends blogged about New Year's Goals on Jan. 1 - show offs.

Here are mine -

1. Blog more - blog more for myself, Genesis & start my freelance blog.  This includes a blog redesign, too.  What's that saying, "the landscaper always has the worst yard?".  Yeah.

2. Master the manual settings on my camera.

3. Try Indian food.  I have only had Indian food once at the hot bar at Whole Foods.  It tasted like stale leftovers.  Someone teach me the ways of curry!

4. Declutter house - CHECK!  Did this while prepping our house to sell.  There is nothing in our closets that we don't need & I have rid our house of tons of paperwork that needed to be shredded.

5. Go to 3 concerts and (re)discover music.  Before Mack, we used to listen to a LOT of music and go to plenty of concerts.  I miss that.  I loved being a fan of bands BEFORE they became popular.  I will fix that in 2011.

6. Become addicted to some form of exercise.  I think I could become a runner but it is just so boring.  Leaning towards yoga but I just need to try something new.

7. Not eat out as much.  Cook more and cook with Mack.  If this house sells, we will definitely need one of these at the next house.

8. Decide on when/how/if we will expand our family.  Infertility is a tricky thing so maybe towards the end of 2011 we will have a 'plan' or some idea of what we would like to do.  For now, though, Mack is so much fun, I can't imagine sharing my love and attention with someone else.

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Jill said...

You inspired me! Check out my blog :) Hope to see you very soon!