Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mack's Six Month Pictures - Sneak Peek

We're in Chicago for the night, about to go to a fabulous Steak House but I just saw this in my e-mail and had to share.

Thanks to Mike from BluDoor Stuidos for taking the great pics!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Do you Skype?  We love it at our house.  We Skype with family & friends who live near and far.  It's a great way for them to see me in my PJs, our messy house and see Mack as he grows.

I snapped a picture of Mack & I Skyping with Nonners and Grammy Kay tonight.  Mack likes to press the buttons on the laptop and move the mouse.  It's very annoying and I feel bad saying, "no" when he's only 6 months!

Beautiful Wedding Invites

Some of you may not know exactly what it is I do for a living.  My title is Marketing but at a smaller non-profit that is an all-encompassing word for the following jobs: advertising, graphic design, public relations, social media and marketing.  I love my job because of this.  Not only do I get to come up with the marketing ideas, I also get to execute them from soup to nuts - including the graphic design which I am loving more as I learn how to create the ideas in my head.  Currently, I am in invitation mode - designing the invite for our annual Mother's Day Luncheon with Condi Rice.

I have two amazing co-workers on my team, one of which is getting married in late February.  LB came up with the design concept of her wedding invites and I designed them.  I think they came out really well.  When the envelope came in the mail Jon opened it before I got home.  He told me that LB's invite came and it looked really good!  I told him Thank You & he had forgotten I designed them!  I'm taking that as a nice compliment since JBB rarely notices any type of design.

Anyways, I thought you might like a look at them.  I'm especially in love with the scripty font.

Leona's very talented friend (not me) did the calligraphy.  It is gorgeous & really sets the tone of the event.  Jon & I can't wait for Landon & Leona's wedding in the Hill Country!

New Laundry Nook

Here's the pic I promised of our completed laundry nook (they didn't build laundry rooms in 1959).  The best thing about this area is the new garage door.  The old one was super rickety & had a window in it!  This one is steel so it's my giant magnet board on which to put old, embarrassing pictures and wedding Save The Dates (currently there are 4 on there!).  You can't see the cabinets above the dryer (and on opposite side above the washer) but they are super organized, which I love.  I'm not sure what that rack on top of the dryer is for - I should probably read the directions but for now it is holding a pair of jeans that I don't want to put in the dryer and when it is not holding that, it holds my purse :).

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mack Benjamin Burns - Six Months

Sofie the Giraffe was well worth $23

Mack was 6 months on Christmas Day!

He shares his birthday with the death of Michael Jackson and his half-birthday with Jesus' birthday - this could make for some fun costumes in the future.

Mack is 27.75 inches long (I guess you aren't tall until you can stand on your own?) and weighs 18lbs and 14 oz!  He is in the 70% percentile for weight & height and 25% for head. 

Mack can roll over, sit on his own, get in crawling position, crawl backwards (working on the forwards), jump & bounce in his bouncer seat thing, press buttons (especially the frog on his infant carrier), grab and shake toys and move them from one hand to the other.  He can be pulled up into a standing position and loves to stand on the couch. 

Our favorite time of the week is Saturday Mornings

With "Ma"

MBB loves to eat (obvs) & started solid foods after Thanksgiving.  He loves avocados, sweet potatoes, prunes and green beans.  He is a true DIYer and tries to feed himself solids and can hold his own bottle.  If he sees a bottle, he will grunt & grab for it - even if it's empty! He recently became a fan of Mum Mums over Christmas break.

Mack continues to be a love bug - cuddling with whoever is holding him.  He & I spoon & cat nap daily at 5pm.  He falls to sleep after I sing "Silent Night" or "Away in a Manager" - even though I sing badly!

He laughs, giggles and blows razzberries.  He has been saying "Ma" since about one month old and Nonners truely believes he knows that I am "Ma" and has known this since the entire time I've been saying "Ma".  Mack can also raise one eyebrow at a time and has the most facial expressions of all my parent's grandchildren (so says my dad).

Mack is thoroughly entertained by his dad - one of the few people who can send him into giggle fits.  He loves both Grammy & Papaw and Grammy Kay & Grandpa.  Both Grammies are excellent cuddlers and some of his favorite playmates.  He still loves Papaw's shoulder and after cuddling on it Mack smells of my dad until his next bath - making me remember my dad's bear hugs from when I was little.  His Grandpa calls him "Turtle" and sends Mack into giggles by whistling.

Mack's aunts, uncles and cousins are in love with him.  He is especially fond of Uncle Jeff (loves his silly faces & likes to occasionally spit up on him) and his Aunts Hannah and Beth.  He is looking forward to keeping up with his cousin James (who is 5 months older) once he can crawl!

with Aunt Beth

with Aunt Hannah

Snow on Christmas Eve!
Jon & I continue to fall more in love with him each and every day.  We are overwhelmed by all these amazing, new feelings we have for Mack.  Yes, our lives have drastically shifted but we would both say for the better.  We both count down the hours to get home to be with him - just to see what he's doing and how we can make him laugh!  We are both so blessed to have family-friendly jobs that allow us to maximize our time with him.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mack Attacks His Giraffe

Back to Normal....somewhat

Our house is back in order- pictures of the new laundry area to come. Right now, I'm lying on the couch semi-watching the 3rd Lord of the Rings with Jon. It's 10pm & the first time I've been up all day. I've been massively sick (flu-like symptoms) and *hopefully* will be better tomorrow.