Tuesday, November 30, 2010

mack is...




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Everyone Gather Around the (Sand) Table

Scott, Mack & James

Mack was a BIG fan of the sand table

Even after the cold front came in & the temp dropped 25 degrees!
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Happy Birthday, Joe!

The day before Thanksgiving was Jon's younger brother, Joe's, birthday. We were so glad to enjoy an adults only night out with the family (thank you Mimi for babysitting!). Bob, Kay, Zach & Julie, Scott & Nonnie, Jon & me, and Joe & his girlfriend, Erminia (who was in from Italy) celebrated at East Side Cafe in ATX. These pictures make me want to master the manual settings on my camera!

Joe is truly one-of-a-kind. Not only is he extremely smart (Fullbright Scholarship Finalist!) but he is an amazing cook with a passion for Italian food (and of course he is fluent in Italian). He's also the 3rd of 4 and so Joey & I can really connect. :) Joey is always himself no matter what and we really admire that. We're so glad that Joe is Mack's Godfather!
Bob, Zach, Jon, someone's purse, Joe
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Mack & James had a lot of fun together over Thanksgiving! Whichever one was getting the most attention, the other was sure to copy. James is almost two and quite the talker. He's so bright & polite. He loves to run everywhere, it's so funny. He is into trains and "Big Truck!" right now. James also is starting to watching TV shows for longer than 30 seconds and so Mack would try to sit on the couch and watch with him. Mack didn't last long unless there were goldfish.

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I look yuck but Mack looks a little sweet here. I'm surprised he was sitting still!

Licking the whipped cream beaters!

James with his black olive finger

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