Sunday, October 25, 2009

Four Months Old Today

Mack is four months old today and has a slight cold so no picture. There weren't very many smiles today so I know he doesn't feel well - maybe tomorrow.

On Friday, 10/23 Mack giggled for the first time. Jon was talking to him while he laid on the changing table. Jon makes up all kinds of noises and songs and Mack just smiles and smiles. But this time he giggled. I was almost in tears it was so cute. I can't wait to get it on video.

One Year Ago...

On October 24, 2008 I had the day off of work. I can't remember exactly why - maybe a comp day or something? It was a Friday, that much I know for sure. I had returned from my annual Girl Trip a week earlier and hadn't felt myself. At first I thought it was altitude (we were in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina) - but we really weren't that high up. Then I thought it was just being around 11 other women for several days. That is a lot of women to be around.

The entire Girl Trip I pretty much felt like this:
(actually that is me at a Corn Maze in North Carolina, "Sars of the Corn")

Anyways, we came home and I still felt bad. The best way to describe it was that I was just off, slightly. So on the 24th I was home alone and it finally dawned on me that I possibly could be pregnant. Possibly.

It had only been six months earlier that I was finally diagnosed with PCOS and endometriosis- which explained my weight gain, erratic cycles and skin breakouts. We were led to believe that it was going to take major effort to have a family. I had been on a few medicines that could help infertility and was scheduled to have surgery for the endometriosis in Nov. and then we would aggressively tackle the infertility or maybe we would just accept it and move on - we honestly hadn't decided.

So on October 24th, with Jon at school and still in my PJs, I ran up to Walgreen's to buy a home pregnancy test. I splurged and bought the name brand kind because you don't mess with something like the accuracy of a pregnancy test.

Imagine my surprise when two bright pink lines popped up in a few seconds. They couldn't be more bright, it was as if they were blaring their pink at me so that I wouldn't doubt it. At first I smiled and then I panicked. Jon and I hadn't seriously discussed having a family money-wise. We had no plans for daycare, had no clue how much insurance was. What about diapers? How much are those anyways - and where exactly do you buy them? A zillion questions flew through my mind as I called my mom. I secretly willed her not to answer. She didn't. Whew. I wasn't ready to admit this to anyone yet but I had to tell JBB.

I personally hate surprises - I want to know all the secrets before everyone else does so there was no way I was going to wait all day for JBB to come home and have some silly dinner with baby carrots, baby potatoes, etc. I called Jon & he didn't answer. I called the school and told them it was an emergency - he had to call me back ASAP. I couldn't wait ASAP so like all 21st Century relationships, I used text messaging for really important news.

"I'm pregnant" is all the text said and a few seconds later a nervous but very happy Jon called me back. We were thrilled and in shock at the same time.

I can't keep secrets so I called my sisters and then my best friend and then e-mailed my girl trip friends. We were able to wait a few days until Halloween to tell my parents.

"We have some scary news," we said at a church carnival. "We're having a baby!" They were ecstatic.

For Jon's parents we had to wait even longer, which was hard because we see them so often. Jon's brother and his wife were pregnant at the time and coming in town for baby showers. We wanted to wait until the showers were over to tell them.

"One last present - for Grandpa & Grammy Burns," we told them after all the guests had left. We turned on the DVD player and a little movie I made came on:

I can't believe it's been a year and that our baby is here with us. What a beginning to an amazing life journey.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Q&A with Mack Burns

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: Mack n Cheese

Q: What is your favorite Restaurant?
A: MackDonalds or Mackaroni Grill

Q: What is your favorite hobby?
A: Mackrame

Q: What is your favorite fall activity?
A: Making Mack-o-lanterns

Q: What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
A: Mackael Jackson

I'm addicted

I ordered a steam mop/machine for myself and I'm addicted.

I've only been using it for a few hours and it's like our house has been baptized

We put in this tile a few years ago and I probably should've picked a darker tile & grout, what with two large labs & all. Swiffers and Lysol just seemed to push the dirt into the ground. Not to mention that swiffers are expensive & not at all friendly to the environment.

With Mack I am even more aware of the chemicals in our home & in our bodies so I love that the steam is chemical free.

Here's a spot where the dogs like to lay down - I'm almost embarrassed to post this except for the dramatic results.



World's Best Candy Striper

As some of you may know, Jon had back surgery yesterday (Oct. 15th). His back has always bothered him as long as I've known him but in May some dumb blonde of a mom (no offense to blondes and no offense to moms) at his school just HAD to have yearbooks to hand out at the 8th grade Farewell Party.

There are two things wrong with this story. First off, yearbooks - people still make these? I mean isn't that what Facebook basically is now? Except its better and you can constantly update it rather than be stuck in time wearing an I Love Lucy tie. Not that I know anyone who wore an I Love Lucy tie in their 8th grade year book picture.

The second thing wrong with this story is that there is even an 8th grade Farewell Party. Jon teaches at a lovely school in Highland Park but the middle schoolers still get recess! And a Farewell Party. Chances are they are all going to go to high school together and chances are even higher that they will see each other the next day at the Club (as in Country).

So anyways, Jon being the nice guy that he is, carries these boxes of yearbooks down the stairs for this mom and in exchange receives a herniated a disc.

With Mack's birth, he put off doing anything about it until right before school started back up when he tried some very expensive chiropractic treatments. He finally got an MRI which showed a 9mm herniation. The Dr. told us he starts operating if it's a 3-4mm herniation. He was amazed that Jon had gone so long with such pain.

So anyways, Jon is laid up (literally) and I am taking care of him for a few days. He is still super sore, I don't think he expected to unmobile (immobile?) for this long. He can't even hold Mack :( In fact, for 6 weeks, he can't even lift anything over 10lbs. (which Mack is, of course) or bend over. Basically, I will be Wonder Woman AND Super Woman - doing it all. If you feel sorry for me, please send me money for a chef, maid, laundress or dog care-taker.

Beary Mack

Some people think boys aren't as fun to dress up as girls. I beg to differ.
I love me some Etsy. If you haven't been to you are missing out on some of the neatest and dumbest items all in one online marketplace. I ordered this hat for Mack and I think he likes it.

Mack is 3 Months

Pretend I wrote this on Sept. 25th

Mack is now 3 months old! He weighs around 15lbs and loves to smile. He also loves to sing, especially with his Daddy. He is still a cuddler and loves his Papaw's shoulder. He is so patient and never gets annoyed with Libby. He loves to try to pick up things with his hands and is also trying to hold his bottle. He still loathes tummy time.

His plain white onesies don't fit anymore so this will have to do for now.