Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dot Race

A few weeks ago I came into some Rangers tickets directly behind Home Plate. When I called my mom to arrange some babysitting I found out my nephew, Matt, was coming up from Charlotte, Texas for a few days. Matt is a huge baseball fan and the forecast was predicting a 100 degree Sunday Game. I was happy to send Matt, my other nephew, Grant, my brother-in-law, Derek, and my Dad to the game. From what I understand, they had a lot of fun, even in the heat. Kids will sacrifice anything for their passion and Matt and Grant were thrilled to sweat it out to enjoy the Rangers. The boys told me the Red Dot won the Dot Race.

Matt, on the left - he's the perfect cross of his Mom and his Dad, my brother, John. Grant, on the right. Grant is....well, Grant. :)

I think the heat was starting to get to them here.

Grant running down the hall to the field. The boys got to run the bases after the game. I can't wait for Mack to be able to do that.

Grant bringing it Home.
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