Wednesday, December 30, 2009

These Are My Confessions

I belong to a private message board with about 20 amazing women on it. I see some of these girls in person maybe once every six weeks or so but I 'talk' to them online each and every day. Today one of the girls posted a subject entitled "Confessions" in which she shared she hadn't left the couch in two days. Another girl hadn't showered in three, a few girls had loads of laundry & dishes piled up. One has taken up World of Warcraft(much teasing ensued & then talk of worlds, Mr. T & guilds - I have no idea what that means).

Anyways, I did not share a confession because at the time I thought it was even too big for Father Libone up at St. Thomas (our parish).

My Confession is This:
Our house is a wreck. No, even more so than usual.

It started with this: (even the garage is a mess!)

Jon found this top of the line LG Tromm Front Loader Dryer on super sale at Home Depot. Marked down from $1,200 to $409. We bought it instantly.

So then I said, "Hey, we never painted the laundry room. We should do that."

"And replace the trim," said Jon

"And replace the door to the garage - what is up with that freaky window?" said I.

And then Mack got sick. And then Jon.

So for the past two days, Jon & I have been taking turns sleeping, caring for Mack & (slowly) working on the laundry room.

And the area from our laundry room to the dining room looks like this:

On the plus side I did get my Christmas stuff down - of course there is still a broom in the corner.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bear Coat

It's 26F here today. Good thing Mack has a bear coat.