Friday, February 4, 2011

Still Stuck Inside

We're all losing it, the house is a mess and our dogs are babies who won't pee in the snow.

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Snow Day 4 - Fri., Feb. 4

We woke up to about 6 inches of snow. Yes, this is Dallas!

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Snow Day 3- Thurs., Feb.3

Seriously?!?!! Still sick, still tons of ice. Mack went to Bon Bon's again. I slept until 5:11.

The weather forecasters predicted 1-2" of snow Thurs. night.
my nurse team - Jon, Libby, and Kimber

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Sick on Snow Days!

Tues. night, I got a massive wave of the stomach flu. I'll spare you the details but it was bad & nasty.

So bad, in fact, that Tues. Night around 10:30pm I called for Jon, crying, and begged him to take me to the Dr.

At a night at the ER with an IV & I was much better but still sick.

Thank goodness our nanny lives two doors down from us. Tues. Mack stayed home but on Weds., with me sick, Jon walked him down to Bonnie's.

I think he was happy to go, too.

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Snow Day 1-Tues., Feb.1

Dallas got a slick layer of ice. So thick, people were ice skating in the streets and in parking lots.

We spent Tues. lounging around, having tickle fights, eating out of boredom, and not bathing.

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Pre-Snow Days

We had dinner at the Preston's, where Mack & Lily & Annabelle all took a bath. I didn't have PJs for Mack so we got a glimpse into what our lives would be like if we had an Elizabeth or a Ruth or insert some other cute, biblical girl name.

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