Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jon's Surgery - Round Two

Jon's back surgery in October did not go as planned and he will have surgery again tomorrow. Once again, it will be about 8-12 weeks before he can hold Mack again so I wanted to get a few pics of them tonight.

After surgery Jon will look like this:

or this:

If you think about it tomorrow, say a prayer for us!

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Mack - Nine Months

Mack was 9 months on March 25th! It's an understatement to say that time flies fast. We go for our 9 month appointment next week (I think?) and we'll find out stats then. My guess is his weight is around 23lbs and height is around 30 to 31 inches.

Mack is pulling up on everything, crawling faster than we can keep up with, attempting to stand on his own, eating teeny tiny bite sized fruits and veggies (no dairy or meat yet), trying to master the sippy cup of water, clapping, laughing, standing up and jumping in his crib, he likes to hand us toys and then take them away, puts smaller toys into bigger toys, tries to dance to music, tries to kiss (open mouth only), is still saying "Ma" for me when he's fussy, expanding his language to "da da da da", still taking snuggle naps with Jon or myself and he loves books.

Last weekend Jon hung his swing in our front yard, we have two adriondack chairs out there and we've been swinging every day after his snuggle nap. Jon also put together the wagon that Grammy Kay & Grandpa got Mack for Christmas. He LOVES that - it has 4 cup holders!

We attempted this family picture tonight with the timer on our camera. Mommy looks tired.
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