Sunday, November 15, 2009

Matt's El Rancho

I was craving chips and salsa and since it was half-time and the Cowgirls were losing 3-0 we headed up to Matt's Rancho Martinez.

JBB took it up a notch and we added some Bob Armstrong Dip to our chips. We realize this was first time with just the three of us out to dinner. Mack was not too impressed but give him about 4 years.

We got home just in time to see the Cowgirls score their one and only TD - 59 and a half minutes in to the game.

I may need a new coffee maker

Yesterday my parents gave me some Dunkin Donuts coffee that they didn't care for but I happen to enjoy.

I went to make some this AM and noticed there was old coffee in the pot. Confession: Sometimes I don't clean the pot out right away-maybe I do it after work or the next morning when I go to prepare a new pot.

Then I realized that I haven't made coffee at home since my first week back at work. Folks, that was the week of September 1st.

Disgusted, I began to disassemble the coffee pot and nearly gagged when I pulled out the filter full of grinds and tons of new friends. (The black spot is a coffee bean - luckily no bugs - yet.)

Needless to say, my coffee pot needs a couple cycles with some kind of cleaner (suggestions?) and definitely an all new filter. Thank goodness for Amazon - my new filter should be here in a few days.


After almost five months, we finally took Mack to Home Depot.

I know! You are thinking, "How has Jon's son NOT been to Home Depot yet?"

We are horrible parents but our excuses include colic and a back surgery so hopefully we get a pass on this one.

There was lots to look at and I know Mack will be back in his Home Depot Orange umbrella stroller in no time.

(And yes, Jon is wearing a Tony's tee-shirt)

Busy Saturday - Nov. 14th, 2009

Yesterday we had a crazy busy day & Mack was such a good baby. Even though he is a good baby about 97% of the time now Jon & I are always in disbelief because the colic was just that bad. I'm always scared it will turn back up and we'll be back at square one.

First we headed to BluDoor Studios where Mike & ReJana took our Christmas Card pictures. The backgrounds were so cool, I hope they can photoshop my double chin out so I can use pictures of all of us and not just Mack. Our session was smack in the middle of several of my friends so we got to see Trevor, Erin & Noah, Meredith, The Hoovers (including tiny T) and then Dianthe came up to see all the kiddos. You will have to wait to see the awesome Christmas Cards. I only ordered 50 so start buttering me up now to get one of these beauties.

Then we went to my parents. It was their 40th Anniversary (if you are not good at the numbers, they were married in 1969)! We had lunch with them and my younger sister Hannah. My parents hung out with Mack while JBB & I went to Costco where we spent like $200 on large quantities of soap, cheese and LaCroix(my new obsession). We also got a smokin' deal on an external hard drive.

Mack loved laying in the recliner with my dad. They watched my dad's favorite college football team, Tennessee, lose to Ole Miss.

We tried to take another picture of us dressed up in our Christmas Card finest but it didn't work out so well.

After our long afternoon we headed back to our humble abode, napped and then went to a party. Everyone doted on Mack and he gave out lots of smiles. This party had s'mores so it was easily the best party I have been to all year (and perhaps the only one I've been to all year since I was pregnant the first 6 months of '09).

Quick, Easy, Yummy Meal for Busy Moms

My good friend Rebecca had my group of girlfriends from high school over a few weeks ago for yummy cheese tortellini soup, salad and chaos. We all brought along our kids, ranging in ages from in-utero to seven. We thought we'd gab while the kiddos played but that is not at all how it went down. Next time, Daddies will be on duty.

Anyways, I loved her cheese tortellini soup but I failed to ask for the recipe. I wanted this a few nights ago and decided to make up my own.

Here's my ingredients minus a diced onion, two diced celery stalks and some diced carrots.
(I ended up doubling the Chicken Broth).

Why are they still selling frozen food in boxes? Does anyone else think this is circa 1973? It makes me think the frozen food is really old. Those cheese torts are found in the frozen food section, too.

Directions -
In a stock pot, melt 2-3TBLSP of butter and throw in your onions, carrots & celery (add some pepper). Let them sweat it out until soft. Dump the 2 Chicken broths, diced tomatoes and white beans into a stock pot, bring to a boil. Then add the box of spinach and bag of cheese torts. Boil for another 3 minutes or so and then let simmer for maybe 5-7 minutes. Taste test & add any seasonings you deem necessary - I added lots of black pepper (you will not need salt unless you prefer swollen ankles). Serve with crusty bread and Parmesan cheese on top.

So, this makes a lot - we each took leftovers to lunch the next day and then I froze the rest. I would say you will have 8-10 servings. You could half this easily but I didn't have any gallon ziplocs to put the leftover spinich and tortellinis in.

Mack is 4 Months

A little late in posting this but Mack was 4 months on Oct. 25, 2009! At his appointment he was 25.8" long and 15lbs and 14 oz.

But They're Cousins, Identical Cousins

Zach, Julie & James were in town over Halloween weekend. James has progressed from pinching Mack to poking him in the eye. We can't wait to see what happens when they are both mobile.

A Week of Halloween Outfits

This post is 2 weeks old but here are some pics of all of Mack's Halloween outfits.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mack on Best Week Ever Blog

I sent in Mack's Halloween picture to VH1's Best Week Ever blog.
I've read this blog daily since it was started and I love that he's on it!

Check it out Here