Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sneak Peak at Family Pictures

My good friend ReJana Krause is not only the biggest UT fan I know but she is also an amazing photographer. Along with her husband, Mike, and partner Edward Ramirez, BluDoor Studios is one of the best photography studios out there.

ReJana and Mike took our pictures last week and prior to ReJana said to bring whatever outfits/props I wanted to. JBB & I knew right away that we had to have a Home Depot paint bucket. As many of you know, we are avid DIY-ers and Jon has a slight obsession with the Home Depot.

When we arrived at the studios, Mike & ReJana had also purchased a Home Depot bucket - she knows me too well!

Mack wasn't the happiest camper but here are a few shots that ReJana posted on the BluDoor Facebook account. We can't wait to see the rest and take more pics as Mack grows into the bucket.

World's Smartest Dog

JBB was cleaning out the hot tub yesterday and of course Kimber and Libby were outside helping. Jon called me outside to check out what Brown Bear was doing. I guess most dogs would gravitate towards shade but it's always cuter/smarter when our dogs do it.


Mack has been suffering from gassiness/fussiness/slight colic between the hours of about 5pm to 10pm. You can imagine how awesome this is for me and Jon. What's worse is that hinders our social life (and Mack's) as most family gatherings are around dinner/meal time. The only thing that had worked to calm Mack down was constant nursing which is great for him, not so great for me. I read online about many different forms of gripe water and the only one that is FDA recommended is ColicCalm. I ordered it and it is well worth the $25 I spent. It's black so Mack gets a nice little black mouth when he takes it but that's okay. Last night was the first time we tried it and I deem it a success. He was so calm he was able to sleep dead to the world.
Daddy & Mack

Me & Mack - yikes, I'm looking pretty worn out.

Great Uncle Charlie & Mack - This was right when Mack was waking up from a long nap.

Tummy Time

Getting in some Tummy Time

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brown Bear + Mack = BFFEAE

That's Best Friends For Ever and Ever for those of you who aren't my BFFEAE and don't know that acronym.

Mack's First Walk

It has consistently been in the 98-103 range since Mack was born. Way too hot for a walk at any time of the day. There have been some mornings where at the 4am and 7am feedings I would check the temperature to see if it was cool enough for a walk. Even at 4am sometimes it was 95! (side note: I wonder if you can still call 844-any four numbers for the time and temperature?)

So we finally made it out on our first walk and Mack seemed to enjoy it. He's stylin' in his summer diaper and blanket to ward off any potential mosquitoes. Daddy and the girls are ahead of us because Kimber likes to be "first" on walks.

Lovin' the Car Seat

On our way to BluDoor Studios for Newborn Pictures. Mack hates the car seat until the car starts moving.