Thursday, January 6, 2011

Decade Three

On Dec. 2nd, I turned 30.  Thirty!

I can't believe I'm so old.  Okay, it's not really that old but thirty!  I've already done all the 'major' things in life - college, traveled parts of the world, marriage, buy a house, birth a child.  It feels like I've done it all yet also that I haven't done anything.

I am finally starting to feel more like myself and for that I am grateful because the ages of about 17-22 were very weird for me.  I'm so glad I never have to be that age again.

Here's the thing about a Dec. 2 bday.  It gets lost in the Holidaze.  People are still sitting with their pants undone after Thanksgiving or are already knee-deep in tinsel that birthdays (including mine) are the last thing they want to celebrate.

I mean, I share the birthday month with Jesus.  Even though Christ was probably born sometime in the Spring, some ad wizard who needed to bring up sales in the 4th quarter decided to make Dec. 25th the day we celebrate the birth of our Lord & Savior.  Which is fine, I guess.

So Jon (along with his mom) planned a surprise party for me.  And I was super surprised.  For one, I was looking forward to spending that evening in my PJs, in my bed, watching TV or farting around on the internet.  He encouraged me to go with him to his parent's to drop Mack off and put on a real shirt (rather than a t-shirt), saying that he'd take me to dinner & coat shopping.  I reluctantly put on clothes.

We got to his parents and I came in from the garage towards the kitchen & was stunned to see my entire family (Elmores and Burns) plus dear friends there.  It was really great and I still haven't even sent Thank You notes (or all of our Christmas Cards).

It was a great night so if you came, Thank You!  I was very surprised to start Decade Three by peeing my pants (just kidding).


Anonymous said...

Loved your party and love you!

JDC said...

How fun! What a great surprise. It is hard to believe we are now in the third decade of our lives! I totally know what you mean though; I feel like I have done so much, but at the same time nothing at all! What does that mean? Ha!