Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Decorations 2010

 Half of the Mantle
 Stocking - Jon, Mack, Sarah.  My sister, Beth, made Mack's stocking.  I was supposed to get around to making two that matched it for me & Jon this year but I didn't.  Maybe I should do that in the summer when work is slower.
 Minimally decorated tree.  Mack REALLY liked the ornaments.  The tree is completely uneven and instead of star, there are deer antlers.  I need to fix that problem.  Every morning when we would walk into the living room, Mack would point and say, "Tree!".  He was so cute with lights, too.  He would say, "ooOOOOOooo" each time he saw tree or house lights.
 My grandmother's nativity scene.  She got this when she got married in 1947 or 1948ish.  It's obviously missing a few pieces (I later found the baby Jesus in the toe of one of the stockings) but it's very sentimental.
 Vintage ornaments on the white tree.  I began collecting vintage Christmas ornaments the first year of our marriage.  I keep an eye out for them at Estate Sales, Canton & Garage Sales.  They can be quite pricey but I try to keep it cheap.  I have about 45 ornaments & they look great on this white tree in my turquoise, black & white dining room.
 Soap Stone Nativity Scene acquired in Kenya in 1996.  My first trip to Kenya and I fell in love with this soap stone carved nativity scene.  I originally bought it for my grandmother (same one as above) but once I got married she gave it back to me.  I love it.  I can still remember the face of the man who was carving and selling these.
I designed these to give out to our friends and donors at our Holiday Gala.  Using our Holiday branding & regular logo, these ornaments are nothing too special design wise but for sure this ornament will ALWAYS be on my tree.  I love this place and the work our amazing counselors and case managers do.  I love that I get to help make Christmas happen for hundreds of women & children who think that Santa will never find them in a Shelter.  Trust me, he not only finds them but he DELIVERS.

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Beth Tomlinson said...

Awesome pictures! That first one could be in a decor magazine.