Friday, July 20, 2012

I've been thinking

I've been thinking that I need to start blogging again before life passes me by and I only have iPhone pictures to capture the memories.

Somewhere in the last year and half my baby became a little boy!

Other major things that happened:
Mack was baptized (April 2011)
My mom completed 17 chemo treatments, had surgery and had 30+ radiation treatments (March 2011 - Oct 2011)
I went to work at a pediatric hospital (Aug 2011)
Jon went to work at the school he attended (Aug 2011)
Bon-Bon, our beloved Bon-Bon, retired (March 2012)
I gave up Facebook for Lent (Lent 2012)
Sadly, my sister's marriage ended (2012)
My brother and his wife had their third child, a girl! (July 16, 2012)
Just one day later, my beautiful grandmother passed away (July 17, 2012)

So, what will I be blogging about? Most likely life as a working mom. Why? Because I like to imagine that my body is as thin as I am stretched.

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